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How to Make Apricot Freezer Jam

Updated: Oct 10, 2023

My first experiences with food preservation as an adult was making homemade freezer jam. There are many things that make freezer jam appealing. It requires no special equipment, it’s fast and easy and because it is not cooked it preserves that fresh fruit taste. Who doesn’t love that fresh fruit taste? I certainly love it. Also, it uses less sugar so in some small way I think it’s healthier. Apricot freezer jam is a nice base for many sweet recipes. We like to use it in our wraps and as a part of marinades.

Most freezer jam recipes contain only three or four ingredients and require 15 minutes or less for preparation. It’s a simple process: peel, chop, mix and freeze. The safety and simplicity of freezer jam makes it a perfect project to teach your children and those first learning to preserve food.

Making freezer jam is easy so let’s dive right in and get started. Before you know it, your freezer will be full of delicious jam that the kids will love and family will love.


  1. 5 Cups of crushed or blended Apricots

  2. 2 Cups Granulated Sugar

  3. 6 TBSP Ball RealFruit Instant Pectin

Recipe for Apricot Freezer Jam:

  • Wash and pit the apricots.

  • Blend or crush 5 cups of apricots. Set aside.

  • Stir sugar and pectin together in a large bowl until well-blended.Â

  • Add the sugar mixture to the blender or bowl of the crushed apricots blend or stir until well mixed.

  • Pour jam mixture into plastic freezer containers, leaving ½ inch headspace. Adjust caps.

  • Let jam stand 30 minutes to thicken. Label and freeze.

Making homemade apricot freezer jam is really just that simple!

Do you need some freezer safe containers for your homemade freezer jam? Click here or on the picture of some of the containers we use.

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