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How to Make Goat’s Milk Palatable

Updated: Mar 8

Emmaline loves goat’s milk, but it has never been a favorite of Marie’s. In this video, Marie and Emmaline provide tips and techniques to ensure the best flavor in your goat’s milk if you own your own goats. And, if you try these steps and still have “goaty” milk then they have a trick to teach you how to make goat milk palatable.

If you are unfamiliar with goat’s milk then let us give you a simple introduction.

According to Wikipedia Goat’s milk constitutes about 2% of the world’s total annual milk consumption. This may seem like a small percentage, but in general, those who drink goat’s milk swear by it and the health benefits.

Goat looking over the top of a fence. How to make goat milk palatable.

Benefits of Goat’s Milk:

This is by no means a comprehensive list of goat’s milk benefits, but rather a few we want to highlight.

  1. Naturally Homogenized: When milk is left on its own, the naturally occurring milkfat particles rise to the surface to create a layer of cream. Milk homogenization is a simple process that mixes and disperses that milkfat by using a high-pressure procedure to break it down into smaller particles. This happens naturally in Goat’s Milk.

  2. Smaller Lactose Chain: Goat’s milk breaks down easier in our bodies because the lactose chain is smaller. The smaller lactose chain makes it a better option for those who are lactose intolerant.

  3. Easier to Digest: Because of the smaller lactose chain, goat’s milk is easier to digest.

Techniques to make goat milk palatable if you milk your own goats:

  1. Cleanliness: Make sure the goat’s udders and cleaned extremely well.

  2. Hair: Trim the goat’s hair from before their udders all the way to their tails to make sure no hair falls into the milk and creates a “musky-goaty” flavor.

  3. Nutrition: Make sure the goats are eating good food.

  4. Alfalfa: Makes for better, sweeter milk.

  5. Grains: Feeding different grains creates slightly different flavors.

  6. BAD – Blackberry Bushes: Tends to create bitter milk.

  7. BAD – Field and Weed Forage: Tends to make the milk taste bad and even dirty.

  8. Strain, Store, and Cool Your Milk: Ensure you properly strain your milk, store and seal it in clean jars (we like Mason jars with lids), and into a freezer down to 45 degrees Fahrenheit within 2 hours. This helps maintain the freshness.

Dairy Goat at Green Valley Diary in Cashmere, WA

Dairy Goat at Green Valley Diary in Cashmere, WA

Dairy Goats at Green Valley Dairy, Cashmere, WA

How to Make Goat’s Milk Palatable:

If you have “GOATY” milk no matter what you do or you don’t have control over your source of goat milk you can try this trick to make your goat milk palatable.

Add the following to 8 ounces of goat milk:

  • 8 oz Goat Milk

  • 1/4 – 1/2 tsp vanilla

  • 1-3 tsp Honey

Stir well and drink up!

Another trick is to add the above to a blender with some ice. Blend well for a nice “Ice Milk” treat.

In case you’ve missed it, we have an entire page dedicated to dairy processing tips, tricks, and techniques. Be sure to check it out.
Baby "Kid" Goat at Green Valley Dairy, Cashmere, WA

Is Goat’s milk right for your family?

Baby "Kid" Goat at Green Valley Dairy, Cashmere, WA

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