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Dawn Powerwash Refill Hack

Updated: Oct 10, 2023

Stop paying nearly $4 for a Dawn Powerwash Refill and instead try this Dawn Powerwash Refill Hack. Make your own refill for less than $0.50.

The Dawn website calls Dawn Powerwash a Dynamite Dish Degreaser!

Do you agree?

  1. Use Dawn Powerwash to save you valuable time in between cooking steps for a faster, easier way to clean dishes. The spray-activated suds work on contact to break down and lift away food and grease, without water. Dawn Powerwash is supposed to have five times faster grease cleaning versus non-ultra Dawn.

  2. If your dishes are lightly soiled just squeeze the trigger and spray directly on the dishes and then give them a light wipe and rinse.

  3. If your dishes are heavily soiled, squeeze the trigger and spray directly on the dishes and then set it aside and let the suds do their work by sitting for a few minutes. Once they have set for a time, lightly wipe and rinse.

This may all be the case, but I use Dawn Powerwash and any and all other Dawn products all the time and I knew my budget would take a hit unless I figured out another way to get my hands on this miracle cleaner at a lesser price. My goal was less than $1. I am happy I was able to get the Dawn Powerwash Refill Hack cost to less than $0.50.

So, without further adieu let’s get you the ingredients and recipe to make this yourself.

Dawn Powerwash Refill Recipe:

  • 11 oz water

  • 2 oz Isopropyl Alcohol (equal to 4 tbsp)

  • 3 oz Dawn Dish Soap (equal to 6 tbsp)

Mix all ingredients in a 16-ounce continuous spray bottle like the one above.

Use to your heart’s content.

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What are your favorite uses for Dawn Powerwash? Place them in the comments below.

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