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The Best Way to Clean a Horribly Dirty Oven

Updated: Jun 29

Cleaning an oven is something that is so easy to put off. The oven cleaner setting on the oven is tempting to use, but is it really the best method? Emmaline has an almost magical cleaning solution that in combination with a few other tools did a fabulous job of making me like my oven again.

You need dish soap, vinegar, and baking soda to make this fantastic oven cleaner.
Oven Cleaner Ingredients

A combination of baking soda, vinegar, and Dawn dish soap make up the basis for this oven cleaner. Make sure you mix them in an oversized bowl because the baking soda and vinegar will chemically react by bubbling and expanding. Think science experiment. Then, with the added bubbles from the Dawn soap you get a glorious concoction that will clean the dirtiest surfaces. Even the following horribly dirty oven.

Note: I (E) love using this cleaner on my bathtub and shower scum also!!!

The before: no judging!

It doesn’t get much dirtier than this. We were actually waiting for the oven to get dirty to make this video. We left pot lids off on purpose, and baked really oily and greasy things like TALLOW and other crazy greasy items.

A horribly dirty over that needs to be cleaned.

After combining the baking soda, vinegar, and Dawn soap into a frothy concoction you dab them on all surfaces of the inside of the oven including the racks. Now you wait an hour or more, allowing it to soak in.

How to clean a horribly dirty oven with our wonderful oven cleaning solution.

Oven Cleaner

After it has had some time to soak, start washing the suds out with a wet cloth. You will need to wash out your cloth frequently due to the amount of suds. Use cold water for this process because it reduces the amount of “bubbles”. Most of the dirt and grime will come with it. Now because my oven was horribly dirty we had additional steps that were needed. A straight razor was great for scraping off the fried-on grime from the many uses of the oven cleaning cycle. If you use this be careful not to scratch up your oven. For the racks a stainless steel scrubber wrapped around those rods well and scrapped off the harder bits. Finally, a magic eraser was used on the window of the oven to get that last little bit off. Emmaline assures me that if you clean regularly with the solution all the rest is unnecessary.

The horribly dirty over that is now sparkly clean.

Clean Oven

Just in case you don’t want to scroll back and forth or up and down, for the before and after we will give you a closeup.

I love my clean oven now and am so glad to have found a better way to keep it clean.

A before and after of the horribly dirty oven that we cleaned.

Before and After

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