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Liquid Castile Soap Making HACK

Updated: Feb 14

Liquid Castile Soap is so expensive (exaggeration emphasized). Of course, I bought a half-gallon because I wanted to show it to you, but when I added that baby to my Amazon shopping cart I wanted to cry knowing that I could make it for far less $$$’s. To be exact, for a tenth of the price.

The underlying question is, can you make liquid castile soap from the less expensive castile soap bars?

Yes, you can, AND it is EASY!

I mean, unbelievably easy. Plus, it makes so much soap because we are making the concentrated form so it will last a long time, even if you are a clean freak like Emmaline.

One bar of soap will convert to a quart of liquid castile soap concentrate.

The ingredients to convert bar soap to liquid could hardly be simpler.

How to convert castile bar soap to liquid castile soap.

INGREDIENTS to make liquid castile soap:

  1. 1 Bar of Kirks, Dr. Bronners, or your favorite Castile Soap

  2. 1 Quart of Distilled Boiling Water

  3. 1 TBSP of Vegetable Glycerine (optional)

DIRECTIONS to make liquid castile soap:

  1. Bring one quart of water to a boil and then turn off the stove.

  2. While your distilled water is coming to a boil grate your bar of Castile Soap into a bowl.

  3. Once your water is boiling add the grated soap bar to the water. Use a spatula to spread it out across the top of the water.

  4. Let the grated soap completely dissolve. Generally takes 5 to 10 minutes.

  5. OPTIONAL STEP: If you want to add the optional vegetable glycerine add it now.

  6. Place your hot soap into a glass storage container and set it on the counter for 2 days.

  7. After 2 days use an immersion blender or a wire whisk and give it a good stir/blend.

  8. It’s ready to use in whatever cleaning recipe you prefer.

How do you store your liquid castile soap? My preferred way of storing my soap is in glass jars. I have stored soap in pints, quarts, half gallons, gallons, and any other random glass jar I can find that I stashed into a corner.

Is glycerin necessary when making liquid castile soap from a bar? The glycerin is optional, it is not necessary, but it will prevent your liquid mixture from clumping and create a creamy texture.


So, as you saw above 1/2 gallon of Liquid Castile Soap is $26.99 on Amazon. When you shop around you will find that’s a pretty decent price. When I visited my local health food store a 1/2 gallon was over $54. One of the workers was walking by when I groaned over the price and asked me if anything was wrong. I smiled through clenched teeth and said, “No, I’m fine. Thanks for asking.”

A set of 3 Kirks Castile Soap Bars are $3.49 at my local Fred Meyer.

A single Dr. Bronners Castile Soap Bar is $4.49 at my local Fred Meyer.

Let’s break down the cost of making Liquid Castile Soap by the quart.

The purchased Liquid Castile Soap from Amazon ends up costing $13.49 per quart.

Kirks Castile Soap Bar converted to Liquid Castile Soap costs $1.16 per quart.

Dr. Bronner's Castile Soap Bar converted to Liquid Castile Soap costs $4.49 per quart.

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