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Another Great Way to Clean a Dirty Oven [Dawn Powerwash]

Updated: Oct 25, 2023

I love finding new cleaning products, especially if it has anything to do with Dawn, the extremely popular American dish soap. First and foremost it was plain ole’ Dawn Dish Soap, then it was foaming Dawn Dish Soap, and now it is Dawn Powerwash Spray. Many are posting reviews and raving about how well Dawn Powerwash cuts grease on dishes, but I am going to put it to the ultimate test, I am going to show you how to clean a dirty oven with Dawn Powerwash.

I am obviously writing this post after having a successful oven-cleaning session. I should point out that though this definitely worked and I will use this cleaning process in the future I do prefer it as a maintenance method and not my go-to method. My go-to oven cleaning method will remain my baking soda, vinegar, and Dawn dish soap paste. If you missed that post and video you can find it HERE.

Supplies Needed to Clean an Oven with Dawn Powerwash

Dawn Powerwash - Used to clean a dirty oven.

How to Use Dawn Powerwash to Clean a Dirty Oven

  • Warm the oven to soften and activate the grease. It needs to be warm, but not so hot that you cannot touch it or that it would melt your saran/cling wrap.

  • Put your gloves on to protect your hands.

  • Remove the oven racks and use our awesome oven rack cleaning method from THIS VIDEO to clean them.

Spray the sides and bottom of the oven with Dawn Powerwash. The first step to clean a dirty oven.

Spray down all of the oven surfaces with Dawn Powerwash. Avoid your oven elements.

  • Turn off the warm oven and begin spraying it down with the Dawn Powerwash. Be generous with your spray, but avoid your oven elements.

Place saran/cling wrap on the sides of the Dawn Powerwash coated oven.

Apply saran/cling wrap to the oven walls.

  • Once the sides and bottom are generously coated with the spray tear off pieces of saran/cling wrap and place it over the sides of the oven to hold the spray in place so it does not run down too much.

  • Let the oven sit for 20 minutes to an hour.

Remove the saran/cling wrap from the sides of the oven.

Remove the saran/cling wrap from the oven walls

  • Once the Dawn Powerwash has sat and degreased the oven for the allotted time it is time to clean it off. Remove the saran/cling wrap.

Use a wet sponge to wash the sides of the oven.

Use a wet sponge to wash the oven.

  • Then, with a bowl of warm water and a scrub brush, sponge, or SOS pad wet down and scrub your oven. There will be a lot of bubbles and soap.

Use a dry cloth to wipe down the washed oven.

Wipe down the oven with a dry cloth.

  • Once you think the oven surfaces have been thoroughly scrubbed use a dry towel (I like microfiber towels) to wipe out the excess soap.

Use a razor to remove any stubborn areas from your oven or front glass. The final step to clean a dirty oven.

Use a Razor to gently Remove any Stubborn Area.

  • If needed, use a razor blade to scrape any tough grease or burned areas. This is especially useful on the oven’s glass front.

Return the racks back to your now clean oven.

Return Oven Racks to Clean Oven

  • Return the clean racks to the oven.

This is an extremely easy way to clean the oven and another fantastic use for Dawn Powerwash Spray. I’ll admit as I did in the opening paragraph of this post, I love this as a way to maintain the cleanliness of my oven, but if it gets super dirty for some reason I will still use my go-to oven cleaner solution with Dawn dish soap, baking soda, and vinegar.

A very dirty oven that needs to be cleaned.
A beautifully clean oven that we just finished cleaning with our oven cleaning solution.
A very dirty oven door that needs to be cleaned.
We cleaned the over and have a beautifully clean oven door.

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