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Tour Our Finished Reclaimed Window Greenhouse!

Updated: Nov 1, 2023

Building this reclaimed window greenhouse was our fall and winter project this year. If I am honest it was our first and last winter project. I have come to a determination that winter is for baking, crocheting, and crafting but not for an outdoor build. I would watch the thermometer and just wait for it to hit 28 degrees midday so that I could handle the cold while working. But…I had a fully functioning greenhouse by the time spring hit. I love having a space that is specifically created for me and my plants. Despite my trepidation with the weather, it was so worth it to have this delightful greenhouse at my disposal. In this video, we do a complete greenhouse tour from top to bottom. This post contains highlights of some of the things I love most about my greenhouse.

The fun details of our reclaimd window greenhouse.

fun details

When it came time to design my greenhouse, I wanted it to be one of a kind. I knew I wanted to utilize the antique windows. I wanted it to both have a rustic charm and be somewhat whimsical. This is achieved with all of the finishing details. Wood appliques, antique lamps, and metal decor helped with the transformation. It all comes down to the little details.

The side view of the reclaimed window greenhouse.

greenhouse side view

I also added a shed to the back for all my storage needs. I made it out of pallet boards on the outside and inside and I love all the space it gives me.

My loom and spinning wheen in the shed portion of the reclaimed window greenhouse.

loom and spinning wheel

My alpaca supplies, including my spinning wheel and loom, have a safe little corner of my shed to call home. This is great because it frees up a little room in the house. With 6 kids still at home, space is at a bit of a premium.

A cute little shelf in the shed portion of our reclaimed window greenhouse.

shed shelf

I also made room in the shed for a few cute shelves to help with organization.

The loft ladder in our reclaimed window greenhouse.

loft ladder

Since the roof was so tall we decided to create a loft for the kids to play in. It even has a little basket that is attached to a pulley so they can bring items up and down without having their hands full on the ladder. This has been a favorite area to explore for kids from very little up to teenagers.

The view from the loft of our revlaimed window greenhouse.

loft view

We added a little nugget-like couch for them to use. It has been a great place for them to hang out with me while I work in the greenhouse. Besides, it has a great view.

The chandelier in our reclaimed window greenhouse.


Because my husband is so great and added in electricity for me, I was able to utilize this great garage sale lighting that matches so well with its vining leaves. Plus it illuminates the area well so I can even garden in the wee hours of the morning. This was especially useful in February as I was starting my plants.

Hanging clumps of lilacs from a cot rack in our reclaimed window greenhouse.

hanging lilacs

This pot rack has a very different purpose in my greenhouse. I use it for hanging my tea cups (which I use as scoops) or I use it as a drying rack for flowers and herbs.

The west shelves of our reclaimed window greenhouse.

west shelves

The shelves really added to the feel of the greenhouse. I love the iron shelf brackets and the rough-cut lumber.

The east shelves of our reclaimed window greenhouse.

east shelves

Plus, during the heavy plant growing period I am able to use this space for more plants as well.

Our reclaimed window greenhouse at night, blue hour.

greenhouse at night

Not only is this fully functional, but it is also a beacon of warmth and light during the night. It is a welcome sight during the cold winter months.

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