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Wisdom Preserved’s Favorite Dish Scrubby

Updated: Jun 27

Crochet along with Emmaline to make Wisdom Preserved’s favorite dish scrubby.

YARN: 100% Nylon. I used Yarn Bee Scrub-Ology Scrub It Yarn

CROCHET HOOK: Size H / 5.00M

I love CAST IRON pots and pans, but I don’t love ruining endless washcloths and dish scrubbies scouring them. My sisters and mother on the other hand prefer non-stick Teflon pans and they need dish scrubbies that will get the cleaning job done without ruining their pans.

Can you believe I have a perfect dish scrubby pattern and the super perfect yarn in which to make it?

This dish scrubby is doubled and tightly crocheted for industrial cleaning strength and durability. I’ve been shocked how hard I am on these scrubbies and they just keep keeping on!

They can be washed by throwing them in the washing machine … get this … or the DISHWASHER!

No joke, I literally have a bucket full of these under my sink and I just grab and scrub. Not just my dishes either, I use them to scrub my bathtub, shower, glass top stove (last stove I had), oven, fridge, and sticky floors after a day of canning.

When they start to get a little worn or I feel like changing one out I throw it into the car cleaning bucket and at this point it is perfect for tires, bug splattered mirrors, grills, bumpers, and front license plates.

My husband is a contractor and he has had me make some of these so he and the guys working for him can clean tools and job sites easily.

This is seriously my favorite dish scrubby ever!

This pattern was originally written for advanced crocheters, however as it is so popular I have included a beginner version at the end of the download, but not here on the post, you actually have to scroll to the bottom and download. No matter what your crocheting abilities are this pattern will work for you.


  1. ch (s)= Chain(s)

  2. dc = Double Crochet

  3. hdc = Half Double Crochet

  4. lldc = Long Loop Double Crochet

  5. llhdc = Long Loop Half Double Crochet

  6. lltr – Long Loop Treble Crochet

  7. sc = Single Crochet

  8. sl st = Slip Stitch

  9. sp(s) = Space(s)

  10. st(s) = Stitch(es)

  11. tr = Treble Crochet

Pattern Notes:

Learn how to crochet the long loop stitches by crocheting this pattern along with Emmaline on YouTube.

If you do not want to make the long loop stitches or find them too cumbersome, then exchange the first long-tail treble (lltr) stitch with a chain 4.

Scrubby Pattern:


Foundation Row: Begin with the magic circle and secure it with 1 slst

Round 1: 1 lltr, 14 tr in magic ring. Sl st into the top of the 1st tr. (15 sts)

Note: Your first tr should be a long loop treble crochet (lltr).

Round 2: Starting in the first st, 1 llhdc, 1 hdc. In the next stitch * 2 hdc, Repeat * 13 times. Sl st into first st. (30 sts)

Tie off the first scrubby, but do not tie off the second.

Round 3: Holding both scrubby rounds with wrong sides together llhdc in the first st, * ch 1, hdc in the previous st. Repeat around. Ch 1 and then sl st into the top of the 1st hdc.

Tie off.

Weave in your end.

You are crocheting backwards on the final round as you would a crab stitch. Also, Be sure to crochet over the tail of the tied off scrubby so you do not have to weave in one of the ends.

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