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How to Crochet; Magic Ring/Circle

Updated: Oct 25, 2023

Learn how to crochet the magic ring/circle stitch. A magic ring is a technique used for starting a round. It can create a tightly closed center which is desirable for certain crochet projects. An alternative to the magic ring is to start a piece by chaining a few stitches then creating a loop and working in the first round in that loop. But the loop leaves a hole in the center of your round. Enter the magic ring. This stitch is perfect for the top of hats, amigurumi projects, or anything that needs a circle at the beginning of the project.

Magic Ring Instructions

  1. Begin by holding the tail (end of the skein) of the yarn in your left hand. With your working yarn (the yarn coming off your skein) on you right side create a 1-2 inch loop of yarn by crossing the working yarn over the tail leaving about 2 inches of tail at the end. The working yarn will go to the right and the tail will go to the left.

  2. Pinch the loop with your fingers where the two yarns cross. Insert the crochet hook into the circle you created, yarn over, pull through the circle and slip stitch to secure the loop.

  3. Single crochet around both the ring and tail yarn. Your pattern should indicate the number needed. For a flat round, often 6 single crochet are used.

  4. Pull the tail yarn to close the ring.

  5. Slip stitch into the first stitch to join the round.

  6. As you work the next round, don’t forget to weave in the yarn tail as securely as you can.

Fasten Off

After the last stitch, cut the yarn, leaving a 6-inch end. As you do when you take your crochet hook out for a break, draw the hook straight up, but this time draw the cut yarn end completely through the stitch. Pull the 6-inch end to close.

To learn how to create a single crochet just follow this link

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