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How to EASILY Clean Bottles with Small Openings

Updated: Jun 27

One of the greatest kitchen cleaning struggles is how to easily clean bottles with small openings. Gadzooks, the struggle is real. I steadfastly refuse to buy them as a general rule, but there are always a few exceptions I cannot get around. First, is the soda-stream bottles. They are of special design and so we have no option but to purchase small-mouthed bottles. Second, are our oil and vinegar bottles.

Of course, anyone can put a few drops of oil in the bottle and give it a good shake. AND, that may work a time or two, but eventually, the bottles are going to become quite gross. The limited access of the small opening limits the access you have to the inside of the bottle. This makes it difficult to clean the bottom and the sides of the bottle effectively.

Trapped residue such as dirt, bacteria, and other contaminants can remain trapped when you don’t get the bottles cleaned well enough.

Most cleaning tools are designed to clean larger openings, so finding a tool that can fit through the small opening can be challenging. This limits the tools you can use to clean the bottle.

Cleaning a water bottle with a small opening can be a time-consuming and frustrating task if you don’t have tricks up your sleeve.

If you are not careful, you may damage the bottle while trying to clean it. For example, you may accidentally crack the bottle if you use too much force.

We’ve all been through it, the struggle is real.

So, let’s talk about the easiest way to clean bottles with small openings.

There is one simple tool that you need to help with your cleaning. I call this a metal fan pull chain. You want a minimum of 10 feet. The one I use is about 16 feet long. If you can’t find a single length of pull chain at least that long then you can use a connector to connect two or more lengths together.

The process of using the ceiling fan pull chain to clean a small opening water bottle is simple.

First, insert the majority of the chain into the bottle’s opening with a small portion remaining outside the bottle to hold onto.

Add a little soap to the bottle.

Place your hand over the opening end of the bottle and shake vigorously. Swirl the chair around the bottle so it touches and cleans every part of the inside of the bottle.

Remove the chain and then rinse the bottle.

Unwind, dry, and put the chain away to use again when your bottle needs another cleaning.

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