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How to Give New Wood an Aged Look

Updated: Oct 10, 2023

I love using pallet boards. Not only does it have that rustic look I so enjoy, but it is often available for free. I was recently creating a pallet board wall when I realized I was all out of my nicely aged pallet boards and only had new-looking boards. This was problematic as I had already done have of my wall in old boards and it would be a stark contrast. In a few easy steps, I was able to completely transform my boards to have an aged look.

How to Give New Wood and Aged Wood Look - Aging Wood


pallet boards

multiple colors of stain


80 grit sandpaper

Aged Wood Look Directions

How to give new wood an adeg wood look.

Begin by staining the wood in varied amounts of different colors. I usually work with gray, black, and brown but you could use any combination really. I feel like these look the most natural. Only apply a light coat or the sanding will take longer. When I am doing a large project like a wall I will do some just black, just gray, just brown, brown and black, brown and gray, etc. This keeps it from looking too similar to the ones beside it.

Distressing new wood to give it an aged wood look.

After the stain has dried sufficiently, use a sander to remove the stain from the edges and sand over the top to get the grain of the wood and saw marks to stand out. This is what really gives it the aged look.

That’s all there is to it. Happy constructing!

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