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How to Grind Meat into Hamburger

Updated: Oct 25, 2023

Ground meat has so many fabulous uses. From soft tacos to spaghetti it is a great way to add protein to your family’s diet. Whether you are using an electric, hand crank or KitchenAid attachment grinder you can produce a good quality product. This same technique can be used for any kind of meat.

The first step is to cut off excess fat and bone. Cutting the meat into 1 inch strips would be the next step. It just needs to be small enough to fit into your machine. This first pass through the machine usually goes pretty fast.

After all your meat has been ground, it is time for a second pass through the machine. This one takes a little longer since you have to use your tamper a lot to press the hamburger down in.

I recommend not pressing it all the way to the bottom as it will suction down and be harder to pull back up. This second time through is optional but I really like how it disperses the fat in the meat better.

You now have fabulously fresh, as lean as you want it, ground meat to use in your favorite recipes.

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