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How to Half Color Change in Crochet

Updated: Oct 10, 2023

Learn how to half color change in crochet. Being able to change color in crochet is a fabulous skill. Doing a half-color change takes it one step further and allows you to get a lovely, clean transition between the two.

Below are the directions for a small sample project.


  1. Begin by making 6sc in a magic ring.

  2. Continue working in a spiral. Increase around the piece 2sc in each stitch. Now you have a total of 12 stitches.

  3. Continue working in a spiral. (1sc, 1 increase [2sc in 1 stitch]) repeat for a total of 6 times. Now you have a total of 18 stitches. On the last stitch of your first color: place your hook through the stitch below, yarn over, draw through the stitch. Now with the new color: yarn over and draw through both loops.

  4. Continue crocheting keeping the first color on the bottom and the new color on top. Any time you increase remember to twist the two colors clockwise before stitching. (insert hook in stitch, yarn over with blue, pull through stitch, yarn over with yellow, pull through both loops on hook, repeat in next 2 stitches, for this next one we are doing an increase so twist the two yarns clockwise keeping the yellow taut, place this stitch in the same stitch as the last single crochet with the blue on bottom and the yellow on top) repeat for a total of 6 times. When you get around to the first stitch you can slip stitch to the first stitch to line up the colors better. For the next round, you cut the blue and crochet with the yellow like you usually would.

Learn how to color change in crochet by clicking this link:

Visit our YouTube channel for helpful videos:

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