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How to make a pegboard display tower

Updated: Jan 1

I have been helping to renovate some of the exhibit barns up at our local county fair. When we pulled the old pegboard off the walls, we found this amazing shiplap. While I loved it, we heard some feedback from our volunteers that they really needed pegboard for displaying some of the exhibits. Being unwilling to cover the shiplap I needed to come up with a different solution for the pegboard. This tower was my solution and it has worked fabulously.

Construction Instructions:

pegboard being screwed to 2x2 by a woman

Begin by cutting the pegboard. If it is a little smaller than 24 inches wide because of the cutting that is okay.

pegboard being screwed to 2x2 boards by a woman

Attach the pegboard to the 2x2's on each long side.

pegboard walls being screwed together by a woman
attach all four sides

Add all the pegboards to the 2x2's until you have 4 sides. Be sure that it is 24 inches from one corner to the next, even if there is a small gap at the edge. (The trim will cover it.)

plywood being screwed onto pegboard walls with a weight on top
plywood top and bottom

Add the plywood to the top using screws into the 2x2's. Adding a weight to the top will ensure there is good contact and that the board is completely flat.

trim on a pegboard tower
side trim
trim on a pegboard tower with nail gun by a woman
top/bottom trim

Add trim to the edges. Use a finishing nailer to attach it to the 2x2's. For the top and bottom I added an additional nail into the middle just to tack it into the pegboard but at the edges I angled it into the 2x2 on the sides.

a 1x2 board being routered by a woman
router boards

I like to add a routered board to add dimension and detail to the tower.

a woman holding a board with pegboard in the background
add routered trim

I then cut it at a 45 degree angle and cut it to fit the sides as I want this to meet up exactly.

a woman using a pneumatic nail gun to attach trim to a pegboard tower
nail on routered trim

Then I used the finishing nailer to attach the four boards together and repeated this step on the top portion as well.

a woman adding trim to pegboard tower
add squared trim

On top of the routered board, I used a squared-off board for additional depth and repeated the previous steps with it.

a woman adding trim to plywood on a pegboard tower
trim out the plywood

I like to add a trim piece to the edges of the plywood to help protect it and make it look better. This piece is very small and will split easily if there is too much pressure in the nail gun so I used wood glue and as few nails as I could.

a woman painting dark grey paint on a pegboard tower in front of a garage
dark grey paint

I then painted the edges with dark grey chalk paint as a base.

a woman painting a pegboard tower with white chalk paint
white paint

After the paint dried, I added 2 coats of white chalk paint. When the paint got into the pegboard holes I just used a nail to keep it from blocking the hole.

a woman distressing the edges of a pegboard tower using a dewalt sander
distress the edges

Next, I used a sander to distress the edges allowing the grey paint and wood to show through. This gives it just a little more rustic character.

After cleaning off all the dust, all I needed to do was finish it. I used a finishing wax but if it was going to have heavy use I would recommend a polyurethane.

a pegboard display tower in green grass with a white picket fence and gate behind it
pegboard tower

And that is all there is to making a rustic pegboard display tower.

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