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How to Make Snow Cones with Fresh Snow

Updated: Oct 25, 2023

Snow Cones are a winter event at our house. We use the shaved ice and eat them sometimes in the summer, but nothing beats snow cones made from fresh snow. As soon as my kids see it has snowed they run for their cups.

It is a simple recipe. The most important thing if you are using fresh snow is to make sure it is clean. The kids just fill up their glasses but if I am getting it for more than a single serving I use a big bowl.

Fill up your glass with snow or shaved ice. Don’t make it too full or the flavoring will spill over the top as you add it to the cup. There are many different options for flavoring your snow cone: flavored syrup, fruit juice, and Kool-Aid are a few of them. I like to use a transparent glass so I can see the flavoring going in. When you pour in the flavoring some of the snow will melt. You can add more snow to it if you like. I add flavoring until at least half of the snow is covered. This is really based on personal taste so try it out and see what you like best.

Snow Cones have brought much enjoyment to our household. Hopefully, you have some fun with them too.

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