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How to use Home-Canned Conserves on Oatmeal

I love having a pantry full of home-canned foods, but what I love even more is using them. When I first started canning a greater variety of foods my whole goal was to give myself as many options as possible. This was great, but...then I had to figure out what to eat them with. In the case of conserves, I love to eat them mixed into warm oatmeal on chilly winter mornings.

a woman scooping quick oats into a small yellow bowl
quick oats

To start with, I add 1/3 cup of quick rolled oats to my small bowl.

You could use regular oats and it would have a great texture but it would take longer to cook, so convenience usually wins for me.

a woman scooping water into a small yellow bowl

I then add 2/3 cup of hot water.

It is always a 1:2 ratio of oats to water. This is helpful when I cut it down for my 8-year-old to 1/4 cup or increase it to 1/2 cup for my preteen twin boys.

a woman spooning conserves into a small yellow bowl with oatmeal

This next step is the best because you can vary it daily and it completely changes the taste of the oatmeal. Now is when I add a heaping teaspoon of the conserve. I love trying different kinds. For this batch, I used the strawberry-rhubarb conserve. (

I have used different jams or preserves in oatmeal with good results as well. When I use those I will generally add raisins or nuts too. Since conserves often have raisins and nuts in them, I don't have to add it.

a woman mixing oatmeal and conserves in a small flowered bowl with strawberrie on a granite countertops

I finish this off by placing it in the microwave for 90 seconds. If you want to preserve more of your food's nutrients and have the time, you could heat it on the stove. After a decent stirring, it is ready to eat.

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