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Sweet Cherry Infused Vinegar by Ball [Recipe and Canning Tutorial]

Updated: Oct 25, 2023

Homemade Sweet Cherry infused vinegar is a simple but great way to utilize your cherries. You are going to love this simple recipe. The hardest thing about it is that it takes 4 weeks to make … and … if you have a family like Emmaline’s you may not be able to keep them from eating it along the way. But, if you can keep forks and spoons out of it, the finished product makes it totally worth it. The vinegar becomes like a flavored vinaigrette and the cherries make an excellent salad, fish, or meat topping.

Emmaline pouring sweet cherry infused vinegar over a salad.

Sweet Cherry Vinegar on Salad

How to Make Sweet Cherry Vinegar

We found this recipe in the Ball Blue Book. These directions and the recipe makes 2-pint jars full of yummy cherry-infused vinegar.

Cherries that have had the pits and stems removed.

Pitted cherries

The first step is to wash and pit 4 cups of cherries. We were given these beautiful cherries by our friends at Schoenwald Orchards in Malaga, WA.

Next, we will place them in a bowl and mix the cherries with 1 cup of white wine vinegar. Then, we will lightly crush the cherries. (If you find you have missed any pits now is a good time to remove them.)

Marie zesting a lemon next to a large bowl of cherries.

Lemon Zest

Next, pour the cherry mixture into a half-gallon jar and add the zest from 1 lemon and 3 more cups of white wine vinegar. Place a lid on top and shake the jar to mix the contents.

A half-gallon jar of cherry infused vinegar.

Cherry Infused Vinegar in Half Gallon Jar

Place the jar in a cool, dark location and shake the mixture together once every 2-3 days for 4 weeks.

Canning the Cherry Infused Vinegar

Now that a month has elapsed it is time to strain out the cherries saving them for current use.

Next, heat the vinegar in a pan on the stove until it is 180 degrees Fahrenheit.

Using a jar funnel, fill your hot pint jars leaving a 1/4 inch headspace.

Place the lids on top of the jars and add the rings. Tighten the rings to fingertip tight and process in a boiling water bath for 10 minutes if at sea level. Remember to adjust the processing time for your elevation if higher than 1000 feet.

Altitude Chart - Water Bath Canning

Altitude Chart – Water Bath Canning

If you have any questions about canning with the boiling water canner or how to adjust the pressure for altitude, take a look at our canning basics videos.

Canned Cherry Vinegar

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