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How to Clean a Stone Wheat Grinder

Updated: Oct 25, 2023

A wheat grinder needs to be cleaned regularly. Especially if you are using it to grind seeds with a higher oil content. The additional moisture can cause the grains to gum up in the stones. Fortunately, there is an easy fix for this.

Grinding long-grain rice at a fine setting will scrape the oils off the stone. This works so well because it is an extremely hard grain. If you have never cleaned your stone or it has been a while, just grind 2 cups of rice. (In the video I place the rice in and then turn it on just so I can continue talking but it is best to turn your grinder on before putting anything in it.) When done as maintenance it gets even easier. Grind just 3 tablespoons of rice after you are done making your flour for the day. This little bit of rice flour can just be mixed in with your wheat flour and used.

An additional tip for elongating the life of your grinding stones is to widen the stone’s gap when you are done with your grinding.

This is such an easy way to keep your grinder running smoothly and adds to the nutritional content of your flour too.

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