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How to Make a Raised, Covered Garden Bed for Peas

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

There is an ongoing battle in my garden every spring. It is a battle for fresh snap peas. The birds in our area have developed a taste for them. Not that I blame them I love fresh peas too. It is so bad that once they have located them in my garden all that is left is the spines of the leaves. I have tried multiple things over multiple years but I have finally found a solution. This raised garden bed for peas I created is taller with a tall frame that both holds the bird netting and has a trellis of strings for the peas to climb, (And it is cute as well!) This raised garden bed is the perfect spot to grow my peas and protect them from the birds. (Who love them as much as I do.)

Build a raised garden bed for peas.

raised bed

Supplies to Build a Raised Garden Bed for Peas

Apple bin




decking screws


bird netting

small rope

6ml black landscape plastic

Construction of Raised Bed Garden Bed

Add black plastic to the inside of the raised garden bed.

plastic lining

Begin by lining an apple bin with 6ml black plastic. Tuck it into the corners well and then staple it into place.

Install the four tall corner posts of your raised garden bed for peas.

tall posts

Use 5-foot 2x4s to build the frame.

Cover your corner seams with black plastic.

cover corner seams

Place one in each corner and add an additional box length board over the seam from the box to the tall 2×4.

Connect the top of the raised garden bed for peas.

connect tops

Using 2x2s connect the tops of the 2x4s together.

Construct the peak of the raised garden bed for peas.

construct the peak

Then using 2x2s that have been angled to create a 30-degree roof, attach them to a 2×2 ridgeline.

Trim the raised garden bed for peas with metal.

trim around metal

Place corrugated metal onto the sides and frame it out on the top and bottom. This is nice because it gives it that rustic country look but still feels finished.

Add wire to the top of the raised garden beds for peas.

add wire

Drill 1/4 inch holes in the front and back peaked area about every 2 inches.

Then run 17 gauge wire through the holes continuously or one at a time. This is what our strings will be attached to for the peas to climb up.

Finishing the Raised Beds

Filling the bin at this point is a little easier because none of the strings are in the way. I fill it all the way to the top with compost as it will compact down over time.

Next, I stapled some rope onto the boards for use as tie-backs for the bird netting.

Attach the bird netting to your raised garden bed for peas.

attach bird net

I then cut walnut branches to the right length to fit in the box. You could really use any kind of small branch or board for this. The branches are used as the weight that holds down the climbing strings. After my branches were prepared I zigzagged the string back and forth from the branches to the wires at the top.

I then attached my bird netting. I wanted an opening on each side to make it easier to access and so that I could tie it back at the corners. It is important to have an overlap though or the birds can still get in any gaps. I also like to add a screw at the top of the box to each side that sticks out so I can put the netting over it which keeps the wind from blowing the netting open.

It is now ready for the planting and protection of my peas.

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