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How to Make a Trellis Privacy Screen

Updated: Oct 10, 2023

I love to upcycle items that are intended for the landfill. I think it started with me reading The Boxcar Children as a child. The creativity I feel as I take these used-up, unwanted ingredients and make them into something new and worthwhile makes me happy. I knew someone who was getting rid of old iron trellises for in the garden. They were so intriguing I couldn’t pass them up. I am so glad I kept them because I was able to create a large foldable privacy screen that I thought was just beautiful. And it worked perfectly for up at our fair to separate out the sewing area from the flower section of our still life barn.

The completed privacy screen.

completed screen


3 trellises

(8) 2x4s

(6) hinges

(8) corner brackets

Jolie Brown Finishing Wax

Construction of Privacy Screen

Dado blade the edges of your privacy screen frame.

dado blade edges

Begin by using a dado blade to create a groove in the edge of the boards that is big enough for the edge of the trellis to fit inside.

Cut the boards at a 45-degree angle to fit tightly around the trellis.

Apply finishing wax to the framing boards to give them a beautiful finished look.

apply finishing wax

Use the finishing wax to treat your boards before putting it together so you don’t have to worry about avoiding the wire trellis.

Use wood glue and then cinch the frame to secure it while you add the privacy screen brackets.

cinch with tie straps

Using 4 tie down straps cinch the boards together around the trellis. For extra security you can add wood glue before putting them together.

Install corner brackets to you privacy screen.

install corner brackets

Use the corner brackets on each corner, front and back.

Install the hinges to your privacy screen.

install hinges

Now that each of the panels are completed, they need to be connected with hinges. I use three at each joining. I like to make it accordion style so that it will fold flat for storage or transport.

A foldable view of the privacy screen.


Expanded upright view of the finsihed privacy screen.

expand upright

Now it is ready to provide privacy for you and support for your plants.

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