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How to Transplant Seedlings into Flats (Mittleider Gardening)

Updated: Oct 10, 2023

Germinating your garden seeds in flats leaves them very close together so the best thing to do is to transplant seedlings into flats. Fairly quickly after germinating you need to transplant seedlings from the original flats into new ones with more space. We have multiple separate posts for the preparatory items needed for this step. Those include: how to make the seed flats, custom soil, pre-plant fertilizer, weekly fertilizer, constant feed fertilizer, the seed flat marker, and the dibble.

How to transplant seedlings using the Mittleider Gardening Method.

Transplant Seedlings


seed flat

about 4 gallons worth of custom soil

1.5oz pre-plant fertilizer

0.75oz weekly feed fertilizer

1-1.5 gallons of water

seed flat marker


Transplant Seedlings

Fill your tray with your custom soil so you are ready to transplant seedlings.

fill with custom soil

The first step is to fill the wooden flat with custom soil. Use a longer board to level off the top so the soil is completely flat. Then, add 1.5oz of custom fertilizer and 0.75oz of weekly feed fertilizer and mix it in. Next, the soil needs to be releveled.

Watering the soil is the next step. It will usually absorb anywhere from 1-1.5 gallons of water.

Use your seef flat marker to make your seedling holes so you can transplant seedlings.

use seed flat marker

Then, use your seed flat marker to make 64 “holes” across the surface of the soil in the flat, (every 2 inches).

Use your dibble to lift your seedlings and transplant them into the new flat.

use dibble to lift seedlings

Next, use the dibble to gently lift the seedlings out of the soil. Then you gently grasp the leaves and move the plant to its own hole. Try to avoid lifting by the stem as it can get bruised accidentally. The leaves recover from damage better than the stem does. Use your finger or the dibble to press the soil up against the roots.


That is all there is to it. Then, you just water them every day with constant feed fertilizer and watch those babies grow.

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